My transformational path portrays how I have a passion for helping individuals own a home or rent a safe, clean home in a healthy environment. What if you could almost guarantee your real estate success when you have considered your personality and if it “fits” the real estate career you are pursuing?

I offer to help you fully understand the pros, cons, and what career you might like to pursue and help you come up with a roadmap that leads to massive success! After decades of real estate experience, my “superpower,” is to help people discover based on their own interests. How valuable to discover if your expectations are realistic to the career you have chosen? The 5 careers that most people are familiar with Realtor, Buy and Hold Investor, Fix and Flip Investors, Wholesalers, and Note Investor.

I’ve accumulated a LOT of knowledge and experience I am excited to share with you! Give me a call today to see how I may be of service to you! My motivation was to save others pursuing a career in real estate and save them time, money and effort to pursue that which will work for THEM! I feel passionate about helping save people the effort chasing a “shiny squirrel” that may never pay off for them.