I have a passion for all things associated with real estate! My real estate career has been quite a journey from being a traditional real estate agent to investing in both real estate and notes while working full-time for NASA. Yes, it was the coolest career in the universe!

I love the wealth and freedom investing in real estate can bring. Many of the self-made millionaires can attribute at least a part of their fortunes to wise real estate investments. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start, what career to start in, and how to go about starting.

Because I have experienced both good and down cycles in this industry, I felt compelled to write a book to help others start in real estate or explore other opportunities this amazing profession offers.

Of course, note investing continues to be my focus and, once you know how lucrative it can be by having monthly cash flow without ever lifting a finger!

Why don’t you give me a call or send me a text and we can discuss your financial goals and aspirations. Together, we can make these goals become your reality!

Gail Villanueva